London in 20 Gigapixels

Click to view the high resolution panorama

Click the above image to view the high resolution panoramas

On 12 June 2012 we were granted (in exchange for a small donation to Stonewall) access to Kings Reach tower owned by CIT for a fantastic opportunity to create high resolution imagery across central London.

When the date was arranged, the weather was looking beautiful, but unfortunately by the time the day came the British skies had returned to normality, dark and full of rain. It looked like the camera equipment was going to be soaked with appalling visibility, but just in time, in the later morning the rain cleared and although the clouds remained, the visibility became excellent.

Image of the Kings Reach Shoot in Progress

The equipment on the shoot.

Using equipment based on the Panogear hardware from Kolor, a super-telephoto lens and a current generation DSLR, around 2500 images (60GB) were captured from opposite sides of the roof. In less than a week these were the processed using multiple software packages into the pair of panoramas which you see above, giving you the fantastic opportunity to explore all the major landmarks of central London in scrutinising detail.

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