My Nerdy Room Decorations

action figures

You can tell a lot about a person through their decor. The way my room is decorated says a lot about me. The symbolism in my room starts with the color of my walls and carpet. My whole life my house has been packed, with two parents and five kids there isn’t much room to spare. Only a couple months ago we were able to get our own rooms, and my mom chose everyone’s colors. My little brother’s room has blue and red walls with white carpet, and my other brother’s room has dark gray walls with light grew carpet, and lastly, my room has gray walls with black carpet and black trim. The colors of the rooms grow darker with the age of the kids living in them. Next, I have decorations on my dresser. I have a Captain America shield, an Iron Man helmet, and a Master Chief helmet on display at one end of my dresser. My Iron Man helmet is wearing a Mickey mouse hat, and my Master Chief helmet is wearing a wig.

Everything on display represents one of my three favorite things or a memory. My Iron Man helmet and Captain America shield represents my love for comics. My Master Chief helmet shows my love for videogames, and the hats my helmets wear are souvenirs that I got from my first and only vacation to Disney world. Next I have two shelves one had all my toys and music and cool stuff I have, and another has all my certificates and pictures of people. The shelf with all the toy I have represents my fun side and my other shelf represents my serious side. There are posters on my wall as well and they all are for movies that I love. I have a Star Wars poster and a Harry Potter poster and I have a marvel poster. From my room you can tell that I am the oldest child, and I am kind of a nerd for comics and movies.